Here you go, Prokiller88...

It started when we were on #runescaperealm playing RS trivia… it asked what a certain amulet lets you speak to. The answer was cats but for a joke, I said amulet of Zezima-speak. Prokiller88 then asked me to make it so here it is…

Thats good but I don’t get it. Lol.

Come to think of it, neither do I… the ammy of cat-speak doesn’t work like that… oh well.

Lol, it doesn’t make sense :stuck_out_tongue:

i get it, lol. that is funny :slight_smile:

I’m speaking to Zezima in the pic (or that was what it meant to be).

Ahh…Now i get it. I love the 3.5k+ iron arrows :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re steel and I have 10k more in the bank… then 12k mith and a small stash of addy. It’s not very much though.

Do you want to share it with an ol’ buddy?

The answer is 2 letters long. We’re making a spamfest here LOL.

lol, we can finally talk to zezima without him ignoring :slight_smile:

The orange inside the ammy is a bit messed up at the top where it is pointed. :smiley: 9.9/10 lol everyone talk to Zezima!

Lol interesting…i wasnt there but that quiestions weird. Your ammy actually looks real :smiley: Good job :tongue:


I love you skate, hahaha, fake master pls? :yes:

lol good 1 skate and if u dont get it what is’nt they to not get

I can actually speak to Zezima now? Wow! Lol… good job :smiley:

zezima usually dosnt talk o ppl she doesnt know

He wants to kill Zezima…with his iron arrows…

No I don’t! I’d rather… “obtain” Zezima… and I don’t have any iron arrows… only a small amount of steel.

And keep him prisoner and take a picture of it which you will turn into a pixel and post it haha.