Here's a tip

Dont know if you know this already, but, some of your quest guides are rsc guides, they are kind of misleading. I was curious if you are upgrading these quest guides and if you were going to add a beastiary. This is the only runescape related site that is not blocked at my school under web page hosting, so a beastiary would be nice. Also your items database could use some pictures to show the item…

Well unless you want to write all the things, it takes time.

Give the authors a break, it’s not like they are getting paid here, they are doing it for your own benefit, and you put it down.

not to be mean but, you’ve only written 1 guide and its not that hard, ur kinda overexaturating

Not to offend anybody, but may I ask what is so hard about writing a guide. I’ve never written one before so I’m just curious.

Is it the gathering of game info, or getting it set up on RSR?