here's my forum

I’ve made a rs forum too, though it is a bit familiar to the RSR one…

sorry about that mods and admin,… but rsr are so great :spin:

i just checked it out , i like the black/grey color sceme

ty :spin: registrer if u want :slight_smile: need more users :spin:

well everyone might aswell give it a go

you guys should really check it out

nice, though its very easy to make forums like such. Malibu made his own as well as Sirjacob.

and it is good that it is easy because I’m not an expert on computers…:stuck_out_tongue:

yes join it theres no harm!

Hey you guys… I joined just because I felt like it… Lol but I will no doubt be spending mroe time on my forums… And I’m not the best with computers also, so I like it. (Your forums aren’t half bad… Why don’t you at least check out my forums 0=) lol)


I just did! :smiley: not that bad that either! :spin:

though I’m dissapointed at redwraith0 joining yours and not mine!!! :duh:

i just did good luck mate!

Lol yea he did join… But he hasn’t been that active… Yet… Hehe




We have waffles… Im a wildy mod…

I’m joining.

RsTribe wants YOU! To join there forums!

lol that’s funny slayermaster! I actually started laughing when I saw what u had wrote (I ate waffles today!) …

and yeah we need more members!! currently we have 14 registrered users!!!

I’ll make a banner to advertise.