Heroes Quest question(s)

I’m thinking of doing the Heroes Quest, but I’m wondering, since i have 0 ranged exp, but i have 56 mage, is it possible to use that to “range” Grip to death or does it have to be by bows-and-arrows range?

Also, what’s fastest to get from lvl 13 herblore to the required 25 to do the heroes quest? How much does a greenman’s ale raise your herblore, and where to get it from?

When I finally get my herblore up to 25, is there anyone who wants to do the quest with me? I am a Phoenix gang member. Or if this isn’t the right place/time to ask, where should I ask when I want to do the quest, to find a partner?


kill chaos druids and id their herbs then make pots out of them and no u have to use bow and arrow range against grip hope that helps good luck screwing up ur half-pure there

ah, okay, thanks for your help
guess i might as well go for it and become a “used-to-be-pure”

Chaos Druids don’t work very well; when I got about 17 herblore I had to start buying all of the herbs to get it up. Anyways, greenman’s ale boosts herblore up one, you but it from yanille pub. Magic will do fine to kill the guy across the wall. And to find a black arm member, I just stayed in the area until i saw a guy in full black, and then I asked him to do it with me and he did.

Good luck on heroes :slight_smile:

il balck arm gang so ill be ur partner but i wanna do it soon

Ah, alright, I guess I’ll just keep plugging away at the herblore then :wink: and if I do it, I’ll bring both lots of arrows and the runes, hope the runes work, else use the arrows as backup if they really don’t work. Thanks!

well, i’ll probably post here again when i get the required herblore. but in the meantime, if you want/need to do it, just go ahead and find someone else. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get my herblore up too quickly, since I dont have much cash or too much time on my hands these days.