~..::Heroic Legends::..~ *Already 12 Members!*

Heroic Legends is now open! We asked YOU about what you want in a clan, so there is surely something for everyone in here.

We host events such as:

[ul][li]Weekly PK Trips
[/li][li]Drop Parties
[/li][li]Iron Wars
[/li][li]Rubber Chicken Seiges
[/li][li]Dueling Contests
[/li][li]Dress-Up Parties
And much more!

Current Members



Head Archer
(Earliest person to join with very high range!)

Head Mage
(Earliest person to join with very high magic!)

12une 13east

Still not interested? Well, check out the website: http://heroic-legends.cjb.net

You need to follow only one of these. It can be anyone of them:
[li]65+ Combat
[/li][li]60+ Magic or Range
[/li][li]50+ of any other skill with atleast 55 combat[/ul]
Please post here and apply! Or, visit our website (http://www.heroic-legends.cjb.net) and apply there!


Is an alliance with Dark Rebirth feasible?

http://zeorage.proboards46.com for our forums
http://www.freewebs.com/dark_rebirth for our site.

Our website is also-


I am setting up a clan bank system that involves having things like a mining department, fishing department, etc. All the materials collected are sold and then the money is put in the clan bank to fund our war efforts, parties, etc.

I might join… my combat is only 62 but my mininig is 58 almost 59 and fishing is 54 and a couple other stats above 50. runescaoe name is godzilla293.

Azgolar I put a members list in the joining section. Also, update the list here.

I pmed azgolar that I would join. Except I can’t access the forum? I have registered except when I log it says please wait while we log you in and then it just goes back to the log in screen.

Handmedown, check your RSR inbox.

EDIT: I have updated the forums. The updates include-

1.) Changed the money system from “Money: (yen sign)xxx” to “Gp: $xxx”
2.) Added www.runescaperealm.com as an affiliate
3.) Fixed Handmedown’s account problems
4.) Added a list of soon to come events
5.) We now moderate registrations. This means when you register, we have to approve it via E-Mail. This prevents rival clan members from registering.

EDIT 2: Lol, If only I was this active on RSR (look at total posts, join date, and posts per day)

Chase, stop acting like the leader :lol:.

Godzilla, your in. Please register at our forums.

Lol sorry…Well since I like am co-owner of the forums, may I be awarded the title of Co-Leader?

bad name bad name lol, make it like, “TLO” ~ The legendz of old :smiley: dam im good :wink:

Just to make you mad Ded, we could change our name to Angelic Legendz (Opposite of Demonic Legendz) Lol, jk :smiley:

Yeah :lol:. Ded always has a grudge agaisn’t any names I think of. I don’t think Demonic Legendz is really good, I mean, a million people have clan name slike that, not only for RuneScape…

ANyway, we already have about 10 members. I will update the memberlist.

ok i have 54 combat and my range is 52 but my cooking is 54 and fishing is 61 can i join?
:arrow: [/i]legends mine

yay! i wanna join this sounds fun!

You keep spelling my RS name wrong, im pureking44 not 442…

It is alot easier if you post the application at the website. Oh and sorry Pureking44…I just posted your RSR name :lol:



rsn= sarpedeon (lv 69)

overall 823

attack 62

strength 55

defence 52

hp 58

ranged 51

prayer 35 (working on it :?)

mage 42 (working on it :?)

cooking 47 (working on it for heroes)

fishing 45 (working on it for heroes)

herbole 13 (working on it for heroes)

woodcutting 49 (working on it :?)

fletching 32 (working on it :?)

fire making 35

crafting 49 (almost 50)

agility 33

thieving 37

lol so…can i join?

Sure :). I repeat, please go to the forums, as there we can finalize your application.

oo? so i am not really signed up??? :frowning: :? my head :lol:

I’d like to join! All my stats are very good, I’m 75 combat and 1150 total levels, I also have 156 QPs (current max) and I don’t use guides for quests because it takes the fun out. I’m currently working on magic and I’ll be level 70 soon, I’m 68 now. I would very much like to be the head mage, but if that’s not possible, maybe later once I get the level. Thanks for considering my application, I hope to be with the clan.