Hey every1 rate my new look!

Rate it out of 10!

Its ok but mauls have dropped masivly in price

The black hide isnt that cool… i mean its ok

the maul… hmm ok?? its huge but i dont really like it…

im been nice and im very sorry


whats the str. and att. on the maul?

Sweet!! nice granite maul ill rate it a 9.3/10

pretty cool 8/10… whats the maul stats?

cool maul,but…the dragon hide…umm 7.5/10

hey its not bad for a 78
you have good stats for your lvl also
like the maul

ty… the maul stats are +81 crush and +79 str

Lol mauls have gone down in price massivley. Now everyone has them 6/10

and how much are mauls now?

ill sell my maul for 1.1mil!

wow only 1 mill? thats low i thought they used to be like 20 mill, well ohway nice 8/10 outfit

ohh its ok… lol 7/10 nice 8)

nuthing uncommon but when you think about the work you did to get it good job!