Hey guys

Alot of u probably dont know we im a very very old member of RSR i just popped on 2 sat hi and that at the moment im sadly going through ‘‘the world of warcraft phase’’ il be bak asap when i get bored which is soon cos i suk on it lol but anyway hows it going guys anything big iv missed!?

Wow, uh I do not know you!
Damn.You have been gone for a long time!

I still remember you,
though I never wondered why you left.
Welcome back =)

Zomg Your back I rmember you i pked wit you once i believe

What The Hell!

Welcome Back1!

I rememba u! Wb Man!

I slightly remember, but not really. Welcome back though.

You must have been gone for a LONG time to still have a Keyser’s Elite Network sig. :stuck_out_tongue:

World of Warcraft owns!!!

Hey, I remember you! :highfive:

There’s a LOT that happened while you were gone. For one thing Keyser left and made his own site, then got demodded for “betraying” RSR, even though he told Duke months in advance that he was going to make it and possibly affiliate with RSR. If you want the address to his site, pm me, as Duke has even went and censored it out (Which I consider a bit extreme, to say the least…)

Other than that, there’s a heck of a lot more stuff that’s went on, but I can’t think of it all off of the top of my head. The whole Keyser/RE thing is probably the biggest though.

Alot of stuff happened, I got HoL, along with abunch of others.

Welcome back by the way. I’d reccommend removing Keyser’s sig thing.

Hi welcome back I remember you. :smiley:

The name sounds familiar but I don’t really KNOW who you are. Hope to see you more in the future :wink:

Iamstraight0. Get the **** outta here you idiot.

I’d rather you left, for what you did to GOG.

dont be mean :c

Hi, welcome back :slight_smile:

Wow. I’m suprised you haven’t been banned for that.

well hi there, i dont know you…you must be old =p
welcome back to the most paranormal place on the web :slight_smile: