Hey, hey, hey.

Hi. Well, I’m not sure if anyone has noticed. I haven’t been around lately. I just got on tonight to share what I’ve been up to. Been like 3 weeks or so. I’ve been, looking out and searching, I guess you could say. My friends, and I have been going to many concerts and enjoying the hardcore side of rock, and mosh-pit bands and such you could say. My friends band didn’t have a lead singer but they rocked and I have gotten back to writting after I got into “HIM” over the summer. As you could guess, of course I went to see them in concert and I loved it of course as you would of guessed coming from me. I have seen, CoHeed & CamBria, dredg, mewithoutyou, blood brothers, Finch, Skindred, HIM, MaTiSYAHU, BADFISH, Thrice, The Bled, Veda, and some more that I forgot. I’ve been having lots of fun, and I got a lot more of stuff like this to come. My birthday is also coming up soon, Nov. 24. My car, work now, and also can’t wait to get my heart tat. soon too. Even though I won’t be 18 yet, not sure if I would or not. So as you can guess a lot of stuff happening, and school work of course. So I guess I was wondering if I missed anything important, I skimmed through everything and was pretty norm. I guess. I was away from the internet and it felt so normal that I think I go so over RS it’s amazing, oh well. Hows everything here been going and glad to be back for a little while to check stuff around.

Wow thats awesome. DOnt let rs hold you back from doing better things jsut cuz its addicting. Ive made that mistake a few times.

Hey lutenist, great too se your back :).

Mmm, we’ll, casto0 is on his 8th account, hardc0re is on his 5th, Maria thinks that George Bush is planning to invade, China, Asia, Israel + Middle East, and other crap…

All I can think of at the moment.

Welcome back mate, I can’t really think of anything…Oh! Andy became a staff member, But I’m stilll the coolest staff member around :cool:

Meh, I saw finch live when they were cool(hfstival a couple years back…). Why get a heartagram tatoo?

Somebodies been having fun. :slight_smile: Well, I hope you stay here. :slight_smile:

have fun. News…nothing really.

Good to see ya back! :slight_smile:
Yeah, Castoo and Hardcore have made multiple accounts, Maria thinks George Bush will do something dumb, Keysers becoming Scrabble God, MutatCM beat Keyser, but in the rematch for 5Mil more worth, he lost, never paid, and we haven’t seen him since. Net will play Keyser in Scrabble, tonight actually o.O

BTW:Where was the H.I.M. concert?

No, it’s a heart under my palm of my hand, bit lower then my palm.

Kup, the first night was in Orlando, then Fort Lauderdale.

Welcome back and I hope you had a good time at the concerts.

Keyser did just get 10k posts. And Duke Atriede got 12k posts, because he`s a cheater (LOL) Apparently, Administrators can edit their post count.

glad you back!! duke has 12k posts, brad and kup are HoLers (you probobly know that…)and of course castoo just cant get enough of rsr :slight_smile:

hmmmmmmmmm the castoos: castoo, castoo0, CASTOO OWNZ, and whiteponyhunt which ones did i miss? o and i rember a poll for the best mod and a choise was “whoever banned castoo” lolol

I was about to make a thread about your absence lol. Well, glad you returned.

Hey! Welcome back Lutenist! Seems like you had fun, we missed you here.

As for news, not much except Keyser is scrabble king, many new fads you’ve missed, oh, and Azgolar is actually a 13 year old guy (not that I care if he is or not…).

Laugh Azgolar is really a 13 year old kid? Are you serious. “She” or “He” was always trying to make themselves look older for respect. Is there a link to see how everyone found out?

Here. He edited his post, but by reading the thread you can find out the general info.

Thanks. Owls’ post says it all.

Great to see you back :). Lots of concerts you went to, mustve cost a lot :p. Well glad to have you back :wink:

~:crazy: spartan

hey man great to see u back, its been a long time considdering the fact that i quit for like 3-4 months…

Baah, I think the gas on the way there was more money. Thank god the prices are going down, cause I get my car soon.