Hey i am now lvl 65 combat(looking for a clan)

Hello my name is aerialslayer and i am a member on runescape. My combat lvl is now 65(finally) and i would really like to join a clan.

Peace out!

Hello i am the leader of the assassins of night clan we have around 25 members. Our highest level is 101. Our average is about 88. We have a new forum so not every1 has regestered there. Our website is http://assassinsofnight.myfreeforum.org. we have many events including castle wars, tzhaar fight pits, f2p pk trips, we will do p2p when we get more people coming regurly, kbd, 'fun events, fundraisers, drop partys for some holidays, and you can host your own event just don’t overlap any other events pre plannedthat are posted.


LoA Legends of Abyss

These are just some i just started taking pics last events so only ones i have

Please first ask to join and if you are accepted then register and await to be validated! thank you!

60+ lvl clan!

We are now recruiting! Come and join now! Be part of a becoming great team!

Before you go to the link please read this:

  1. We do not accecpt people who are already in clans.
  2. You must Post at least 3 times a week so clan stays active!
  3. If you do not post at least 3 times a week without telling us we could think that you’re spying.
  4. Or if you want to become our alliance you can register and we can talk on here and it’d be okay if your not on it all the time if your our ally.
  5. If we find you in a clan we will ban you for 2 days and if you don’t respond about it we will ban you perm.


  1. Please once your a member and download swiftswitch!
  2. The channel of the clan is #SOTN
  3. Also if you want to ask and join you can talk to me on there!
  4. My nickname on SwiftSwitch is Slayer_Master

SwiftSwitch Clan Channel:
IRC Channel: #SOTN


60+ combat lvl
55+ combat with a 60+ rng or 60+ magic
Or have 3 non-member skills 65+

We are still thinking of more Req. as we go!

Great Lakes4
The Spawn 14(forum name is ShadowSlayer)

Fighter_424(forum name Toastie)

Dragonstar 8(forum name is Dragonstar)
Asian Kid3


  1. Phantom Shadow
  2. Disciples Of Zamorak

Clan War Wins And Losses:


Clans Faced/won/loss:

  1. Childrens Of Zamarok:


  1. Iron Events
  2. Drop Partes
  3. Clan Wars
  4. Snowball Fights
  5. Capture The Flag(We made this event up!)
  • We are still trying to make other new kinds of events as we go on!*

So why not wait! Join this new clan and be part of a becoming great clan!


Red Blade Hunters site: www.redbladehunters.co.uk

RBH (redbladehunters) is a fast growing Runescape 2 clan and community. we currently have 70+ members and are growing in number fast. RBH has a organised, and well run forum website, managed by a high and low council. The requirements of RBH are 65+ combat, rules to pking and other events are listed on the forum. RBH has inter-clan wars at least once a month, and several pk trips and events throughout the entire week. the times of events are GMT, EST and AEST friendly, a;; pf our members are strong, dedicated and active, they are also friendly to one another and give a warm welcome to all new members. here is our high ranking list:

High Council : Benjiben10, CHC999 Evil, Gangsterprt2
War Officers : Snatchgobler, Kamamakazii
Lower Council : Faelenof, Neogeoeugene, Noobking239
Elders : Soz70, Native Void, Aricord, Jondea0

the clan cape is yellow
and the swiftswitch chat room channel is: #RedBladeHunters

if you want to apply for the top clan of the future then fill out the form below then post it here and on the RBH website and wait for a reply:
This is the Application Form
Application Form
RS Name:
Type of Fighter:
Combat level:
Mage Range or Strength lvl:
Best Non-Combat Stats:
Previous Clan(s):
Why did you leave your previous clan(s):
How did you find out about this clan:
Why do you want to join this clan:
What city/country do you live in:
Did you know if you dont post three posts a week you will be kicked from the clan?:

us in action:

~Join Dark Killers~
Darkness Always Prevails Over Light!!!

  1. Intro
  2. Advantages
  3. How to visit us and join
  4. How to allie
  5. Events
  6. Dark Killers Web Page


Hello, This is the leader of Dark Killers, killer12201. My pc is currently broken and im in the process of fixing it so i wont be on very often. I would love for u to join us because we are new because i started this clan today lol. :stuck_out_tongue: . 60+ combat or 65+ mage or range or 40+ combat for junior member. We have lowered are requirements to that now!!! :smiley:


Some advantages of being in this clan is going to be a good atmosphere. All clan members have to be nice and cant try to bs us or anything. Try not to hurt anyone in wildy and if you do then just say sry. We will have contests for who can recruit the most people, and who can raise the most money in a week, etc. We have a lot of different ranks here they are:

  1. Leader
  2. Co-Leader
  3. Head Council
  4. Council
  5. General
  6. Events Coordinator
  7. Forum Moderator
  8. Friend/Allie
  9. Junior Member
  10. Junior Council
  11. Member
  12. Knight
  13. Member of the Month!
  14. Banned
  15. Validating
    New 16. Graphics Master New

How to visit us and join us

To visit us go to the link at the bottom of the post. Once u get there look for Apply Here!!! Copy and paste the format into another topic and then after you are done with that u have to register at the top of the screen. That is how you register and apply for are clan. :slight_smile:

How to allie with us

To allie with us go to the website above then find Allie. Then copy and paste the Allie application format into a new topic then after that register at the top of the screen so i can set u as a clan allie.


We will start having events once we get 20+ people. When we get that we will have Kalphite trips with the member (im non member now until my pc is fixed). Wars with other clans, KBD trips, and pking trips every week once we get more people i will set up the schedule for our pking trips. Are pk trips schedule is as follows:

Saturday at 1:00 PM EST time and another one if you want
Sunday at 1:00 PM EST time and another one if you want

That is all about our clan so i hope u join plz. :smiley: Dark Killers 2 spaces in between Dark and Killers

Dark Killers Web Page

[url=http://www.freewebs.com/killer122012/index.htm. Views are new Web Page that I made!!

Join the army today, the army of chaos, as we protect our fortress and defeat our enemies in war.

4-how to join us

  1. Hi im a2k67 and i have created a clan Called the Chaos Fortress Army.

I use to run another clan but we decided to change the name as to many people had simialar names to ours. With this new name comes a new forum.

You prolly ask you self why you should join a new clan like this instead of a well astablished clan that have alot higher req. Well its quite simple, By joining us you will be reconized much more, and also you will move of the ranks alot faster.

  1. Openings:
    we have 2 open leader spots left.
    we have 2 open mod spots left(must no how to use the forum tools and add stuff to the forum)

  2. Our Req:(main member) you need only 1 of the following to be a main member
    50+ combat
    40+ range
    40+ mage
    30+ have 3 non fiting skills 30+
    we do make exceptions though so just apply even if u dont meet req. maybe u will get accepted.!!

Our req(junior member) only need 1 of the following
35+ combat
35+ mage
30+ range

  1. TO join us just come to our forum and apply in the application to join topic. You can register then but your account wont be validated untill your application is accepted.

Here is our forum link:

  1. uniform- our uniform is very simple

warrior: Our pkin outfit will be addy with a rune wep. or if u pure u can use a different kind of armor(but addy perfered)
mages: use any type of robes with a anti dragon shield any type of staff
rangers: full green dhide or studded chaps and body.


main world: 76
timezone: central
cape color: yellow
highest lv: 82
leader: and2killer67


we will have the following events:
pk trips(2 officale1s a week)
snowball fites
alot more to be named later
mroe to be named later

8)-War record:
wins 1
losses 0
draws 0

We also have a upcoming war so if u join u can participate in it, we will beteaming with our allies.

note: we have 13 memebrs that should be coming joining from our 9old forum shortly

here is our site come join the army and unleash chaos as you protect our fortress.

alright thank you very much…by the way i am at 66 now. The link to your forum isn’t working??

who r u joining?

our link is working now thanx for telling me lols

here it is again anyways:


alright thx by the way i am at 67 now lol.

have u choose a clan yet?

go with assassins of night, the one that grim2103 posted above. it’s a great clan, come join us!

We are the phoenix fighters; we aim at levels 40+ but those slightly less that 40 can enter.
If you are interested please fill out the application below.
Though if you are not a member it does not matter just contact me on the game.

Combat lvl:
Range lvl:
Mage lvl:
Best non combat skill:
Will you be loyal? :
what is you time zone?:
Will you donate to the clan?:


  1. Follow jagex rules
  2. Respect any other member
  3. Trouble makers will be thrown out
  4. No multi-clanning
  5. Have fun =D
    Punishments vary from having to do tasks for the clan and being permanently banned.


elvivo1 (that’s me=D )-combat 53

—Second in command—


— elvivo1 — Level 53
—4o def ownz—
—stargate kid—
–n k puremage—
—cute n wild7—
—p kaustin—
—Permanently banned members—

We go by GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
This is the u.k.
We allow any1 from any countries but it is up to you to join clan activities.
All meetings held world 105(non-mem) at our head quarters which is at edgeville upstairs the general store. All meetings and events are held by GMT.

Monday-clan meeting-7pm -at HQ
Tuesday-day off
Wednesday-short pking trip, or another option chosen by members, meet at HQ 7pm.
Thursday-train up a skill of your choice.
Friday-clan meeting-7pm HQ
Sat-long pking trip! 7pm, meet at HQ.
Sun-day off

If you are interested please respond here or pm me now on runescape (im on line

alright thx anymore??

ty for joining you have been accepted!

alright thank you very much.

kings of the bloody fortes is a gang
To be in you have to be 25-126 combat. If you are mag you have to have the following lev. mag: 20-99. Mining: 15-99.runecrafting: 10-99. Combat: 25-126.10-9999999qeast points. And have to get food by self mag clothes black full wiz staff of ether air fire earth water. To be ach have to be 25-126 combat and the following lev ach: 20-99.Ming:15-99.Smithing 10-99.qaest point’s 10-9999999.and must have full stud and hire. No food provided. Oak bow hire. To be melee you have to have 25-126 combat. Must have steel hire. and the best weapon you can I will diced if it fits your lev. If you are 40-50 you can have addy-rune if 50-126 rune hire. If 25-29 any thing (no bronze) 30-39mith, addy, rune and hire. Gang rules 1: must help gang how getting stuff like mining and making amour getting rune staffs and more join now add rhodey70 to join.

alright thank you very much and by the way i am 68 combat now.

If you want to join an organized, friendly, and wise clan with weekly events and PKing trips, look no further.

Link to Register.(please register with your Runescape Username please.)



  • 50+ Combat
  • 45+ Combat with 50+ Mage
  • 45+ Combat with 50+ Range

Clan Cape:
P2P- Any Wilderness Cape BLUE
F2P- Blue

Celestial Knights offers a variety of events that has something for everyone whether F2P or P2P. Although you are not required, but expected to make every event.
Some of our events include:

-PKing trips
-Bronze, Iron, Steel wars
-Fire Fests
-Mining and Fishing events
-Skill Training
-Combat Competitions with prizes for winners
-Drop Parties
-Dragon Hunts
-Clan Get togethers

So again, if you are looking for an active clan with many events, and very helpful at that look no further.

alright ty for the offer i will check it out.