HEy infiltrator i want to talk to you if ure on

i want to say something

no lol

ure not infiltrator what the hell i want to talk to him

i know i thought i would annoy you

welll my main character is asianguy58 and the password is exodia the freakin guy that i trust i gave him my account coz i quit he freakin change it i want to share it to evryone but he change it can u help me banned my character?

sure i will you my mate on runescaep r u a member u was in castle wars or was it you

u stupid im not a member :x :x :evil:

well you are now i dont know how or why but you are now a member weird hey i killed you in castle wars last night im not lieing

ill check it in highscore u fhagit im not all my members skills r still 1 dumbass

you guys should keep fighteing this is hilaorous

(arguing on the internet is pretty gay i have to admit :stuck_out_tongue: )

This is pathetic,

#1:You cannot make a thread just ot talk to some one,PM Him.
#2:You shouldnt have even gave anyone your pass.
#3:You cannot ban your own character.

could you plz not flame to its really annoying and ladylove is right you should never give out your pass

Asianguy, what did you want to talk to me about?

Please stop cursing or I will have to hand out warnings.

Yes everybody, quit being panzies, also just pm him next time, it doesnt get ur posts up…

This is a spam topic…

Amen. Please lock it.

I am with you there

Two mods have already said something so I thought I would too. This is not what you do. That is why we have private messages.