Hi Keyser.

My spider-senses tell me Keyser is back…

Hmm…good work Holmes! What forum is that btw :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

The introductions forum.

Wow hes back alright…hes owning the hol forums as well :smiley:

Yeah man. That’s like more than number of posts I do in a day and he does it in 11 minutes.

wow he makes a post like every minute

my spider senses were tingling quite a bit…hmm. yup hes back! YAY!!! or maybe it was the topic he made called “I’m back” :stuck_out_tongue: lol…nah definately the spidey senses

Yeah I guess he’s back. Why was he gone the first place?

Edit: 150th post!

he made his own topic ya guys…

He is trying to beat me in posts :wink:

i wish i could post that much without being in trouble…

lets just say “welcome back”

lol he is back alright

Lol well hes back :slight_smile: Allo :smiley: