Hi what the quickest way to get thieving lvls

Hi im a new member and im wondering what the quickest way to get theiving lvls thx for the help.

Thieve men from lvl 1-10
Then thieve Baker stalls from 10-20
The thieve warrior women from 20-25
The thieve silk 25-40
Then thieve Guards 40-70
Then Thieve heroes!


I sorta have a different strategy, and it wouldn’t hurt to hear it.

Thieve men from lvl1-10
Thieve baker stall from lvl11-25
Thieve warrior women/silk from lvl26-40 (also if you get to level 44 thief, there’s a chest in a house right near the east entrance to ardougne. The northern chest in the southern house gives 25xp i think and you get 1 nature rune and a small cash amount. The southern chest in the same house gives 125xp, but it has a long respawn rate - be sure to check for traps first and bring an anti-poisen with you).
When you get 45 thief, you can go up to the Fremenik place, thieve fish, cook it, and when you get to lvl47 thief, use the food to thieve from Fremeniks. I did that to lvl50 thieving which I needed for Legends quest.

hope that helped :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

hello ,
i am a non member :frowning: and i was wonderin, by sayin stealin from heros does it mean i can steal from other players?

no there are npcs called heroes level 69 in a members city called ardougne you cannot pickpocket other players