Hey guys. im new to the forums… i jus thought it was proper that i introduce myself before digesting info off this site

Hi and welcome to RSR! Read the rules though, no titles in all caps but I guess I’ll edit it for you this time since you’re new.

Hi man WELCOME!!!

Welcome to RSR! I hope you will enjoy it, and have a good time!

Hi, my name is Geminiman… I am currently a member of the House of Lords here on RuneScape Realm… I hope you enjoy your stay here on RSR… Feel free to PM me with any questions or problems… For your reference, my RS name is also Geminiman but I do not play much… Nice to meet you and it is nice to have another RSR member here on these forums… By the way… If you are interested in this keylog- All of the sudden, the real Geminiman enters suddenly from the sky and uses his newly learned power, the Gemini laser, to destroy the scamming Geminiman clone that is about to say a “nasty” hated word on RSR… SMAASSHHH!!! The real Geminiman deals XXXX damage to the evil copy Geminiman clone… The scamming Geminiman clone was destroyed… The real Geminiman recieved XXXX experience points Ok, sorry about that… Gotta watch out for some of the bad holograms I create by accident… But seriously, welcome to RSR… I hope you do like it here and stay here for a while… BTW, for those who didn’t get the joke… Geminiman in Megaman 3 is able to create holograms of himself like in my sig… The RPG’ish battle sequence is something that I got from the game EarthBound when Poo comes from the sky during the battle with the Big Pile of Puke (The neon reddish one in the Deep Deep Darkness…) and uses PSI Starstorm Alpha…

Hi, and welcome to rsr… i hope you like it here, pm me if u have any questions… but anyways, enjoy ur time here at rsr! :wink:

Welcome to RSR!! My names Redwraith0 and am the kindest person you will meet on RSR :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: Hope you enjoy the greatest forums in the world! But remember to obey the mods, and have a good time!