high alchemy and low alchemy

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Okay, I’m real cofused. What does it mean by high alchemy and low alchemy and how come it involves with money. (I also noticed a few ppl use these words when they are selling them in a shop) :confused:

low alchemy - lower magic lvl required - gives less gold for the item u want to alchmate

high alchemy - higher magic lvl required - gives more gold for the item u want to alchmate

ok high alchemy requires lvl 55 magic. when u use 5 fires and 1 nature on an item it gets rid of the item in exchange 4 gp. u get the most gp from this
Low alchemy is 3 fires and 1 nat. it does the same thing cept lvl 21 magic and doesnt give u as much money in return 4 the item.

Let me guess, only members use this?

nope is all people i use it all the time
high alchemy on steel pl8 i get 1100 gold :smiley:

as a member i fletched yew longs strung and got 768 gp in return…explains my 76 fletching and 70 magic

what things on f2p that you can buy in stores give you profit with high alchemy ? if there too much of them then tell me the best plz

I don’t think there are any. The idea is you alch monster drops at the monsters so you don’t have to travel to shops or drop them. Try buying rune med helms for 10k to high alch for 11520gp.

yea the steel plate thing is bad. if ur a member then cuttin yews fletching into bows and banking then wen u get a lot stringing em is the best way.
o yea the steel thing is bad cuz steel plates are wroth 2500 to make (5 steel bars multiplied by 500-550)

ya…high alching is a pretty good way to get money…but it also requires nats and 55 mage, takes money to make money