Here are a list of complaints and appropriate responses to the complaints. This was taken from the Rants board on Runescape.com

Why Aren’t I a Mod?

because your stupid enough to ask.

Why Are Mods never playing?

because they don’t want to deal with stupid people complaining in game AND on the boards.

Why Aren’t Abbysal Whips less?

to prevent a lvl 3 from killing you for your ignorance.

The Maul Sucks!

so do you.

Pkers Are Jerks!

Maybe you shouldn’t run up to them and say: hey ******^er, stop !$^%!$#ing around and ~#%~#%ing attack me!

The word “noob” should be censored


JAGEX gives me an automated message!!!

So does wal-mart.

People Are Harrasing Me!

it builds character

All of them are quite funny but those 1’s r my favorites :smiley:

^^Lmao! Did you make those responses? That is hilarious.

yo those ar halrious…rofl!!!

Didnt make em personally.

I like the wal mart thing :slight_smile:

LOL!!! I like the “Why aren’t I a mod?” one the best.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

Lmfao, my favorite one is the “People are harrassing me” “it builds character” lmfao, I also like the wal-mart one.

Lol those are funny, I like the abby whip one the best =).

Holy cow, those are hilarious! :D. I laughed so hard at the Wal-Mart one.

lol lvl 3 with abby whip…
think of the world with abby whips that are 3 gps each
wooh that would be tite

lmfao !!!11111 hilarous

i like it! it is ALL hilarious, but so fun u can scream! :P:S:S:S, but i shouldnt, cos im sitting in a cassroom right now!

I like the first on the best. Are those responses written by Mods/staff? Or just other players. They’re all pretty funny though.

omg those are right funny.sounds like somehting id say

wal-mart one is pretty funny i like them and y should noob be censored!!!

Written by other players.

I have one…

ppl ask this one alot give me hacks so i can lvl!
I want you to Max all my lvls.
ya and the number pass 99 is 00

lmao “Jagex gives me automated responses! So does Walmart” lmao hilarious

the ones i wrote above are hilarious and that is good coming fruma dude like me!!!

what u wrote them?