Man, I just saw this in someone profile.

Bunny suicides!


Lol!! THose are hilarious. Lol i like the one where he staples the doggy. Theyre all funny though,

I like the 3rd one…Hilarious!

You know what…i’m gonna put these in my pro later :wink:

Lol those are funny. My mom’s friend gave my mom a book with those last Christmas.

lmao, whoever made those is brilliant! i have to see it again!

I found those sickening, because I am the owner of two bunnies of myself.
Although I did enjoy the Arnold one at the end…

The hammer on the glass aquarium full of sharks was pretty funny. :smiley:

Lol! Hilarious!

I liked the Order of the Phoenix one.

um…in my opinion…those are sorta stupid