HIRE ME: as ur lumberjack man!!!

will cut down logs up till willows ( wc level: 53 ), for a decent pay, and u will have 1000 willows in no time :!: :!: :!: plz recruit me, and u will not have to wc again :!:

P.S i charge 20gp ea, for all willows, ty for reading :!:

I would also like to offer my services as a lumber jack lvl 50 wc. i can chop extremely fast and will take any decent offer.

u will be a great help :!: when i get recruited i will let u know straight away :!: just give me ur runescape name and ur in :lol:

my runescape name is scar blader

yes once again thnx for ur support!! i iwll notify u when i am recriuted :!: 8)

post in my thread about a job. click the link in my sig to go straight 2 it. ty!

i will message u straight away when i get ur logs
ty once again :!:

im 64 wc will cut for good pay tell me wat u want!! my rs name is my user name so pm me yah! :stuck_out_tongue:

ty for the great offer i will call u wen ur recruited, thnxonce again :!: