Hire Me as ur miner: i can mine gold, silver, coal, iron ect

i hav got 48 mining and willing 2 mine for people up 2 gold ore. Below r they prices:

Gold: 400gp each
Coal:200gp each
Silver: 100gp each
iron:50 gp each

Plz let me help u. u will not hav 2 mine any more.
pm me on game or reply here if u want any help


will you mine iron any cheaper? thats how much i sell iron i get noobs to mine sometimes 1k iron for 15k lol

I’ll pay 150 per for 1k silver

So how much is it altogher for 1k of silver???
pm me on the game and tell me wen u want it by…
My rs name is of course Chif ley but it has a space btween chif and ley

I’ll buy 2k iron ores for 100k


Well, since he’ll be paying 150gp per ore, and he wants 1k ores, that’s a total of 150k for all 1k ores. Also known as 150,000gp for 1,000 ores.

i will buy all the silver and iron you can mine.