hireing cook for soradomin knights

hireing a cooker and fisher fir the soradomin kights that will supply food for the caln if you do this you will get a share of what we pk we need about a lvl 40 cooker and fisher pm if or return on this forum to join


kingell, it Saradomin Knights not soradomin knights

im cooking and fishing is 41 im still raising it

53 fishing 54 cooking

shut up mag just cause i cant spell we got a cook now anyway kk

kingel ill fish+cook swordies for us no problem

wow you on the forums wot your cooking and fish

yeah and I never noticed you were on RSR

i did ask you a question answer it would you mine cooking and fishing is 54 and 54 kk

If your asking me if I will fish and cook for us, the answer is yes

so is WellAsUsual the clan cook for the Saradomin Knights(or soradomin knights)

Yay do I still get to go on the PKing trips with the clan though (I’m already a member as you know) even though last time just got me and whiteboy killed