hireing wizards

I am the Leader of The Knights of Varrock and we have no wizards i want to try out 1 wizard to see if a wizard will be good on my team. I will either pay you 2k a week or pay you in runes every week what ever you want just get back to me on it.

i would be interested but my mage is only lvl30
i’m not sure wat level ur clan is made of but if u are interested reply or pm me on runescape on S yzerman0

my magic lvl is 26 but i het 10’s on water bolt
runescapename:jesse 120
send me message here tomorrow when to meet and what world and when too bad that i can’t come before 12 o’ clock. Btw my combat is 40+

my mage is 61…what level are the people in your clan?

My mage is 37 :lol: i would like to join

i have a lev 46 magic

now what do you guys actually do?

i have 51 magic r u interested??? :roll:

lv 60 and guthix staff give me bloods and i fight for ya

im lvl 33

im 42

me lvl 18 magic max hit 9s and i will do 12 sooner promise can i join ? add me and tell me

my mage is like 18 or 19…but i need chaos…but can i still join?

i have 60 magic

My mage is 68 but i would like to know more about this clan before i join.

mage level in my sig…

how do you propose to try out our maging skills? pk? how long would the trial period be, and how often?

i want to join…or else can anyone post me a clan that will accept lvl 14 mages?

My maging is 1…