Hirin' Miner for iron..

Looking for someone to mine 1k iron, post price and rs name.

my name is soccerpros and how much do u pay for the 1k iron ore?

How much do you want?(within reason)


I was thinking more along the lines of 100k less. 50g each. 50x1000=50000. Sound fair?

100k final offer, i g2g, so add me, ill b on tommorrow

50k is the price of 1k iron.

Yeah, 50k. Forget posting price. Post if your interested. I won’t reply for a while.

Ill do it for 75K. Darkphenix1

I think Xai is only going to pay 50k for 1k iron ores… I may… I’m not sure yet but by the time I have an answer, someone’s probably going to already be appointed the job… But if not then I’ll tell ya if I’ll be available for that…

well, im not going any lower so u got me or u dont got any at all