Hiring Gold and Silver Miners.

Hiring Silver and Gold Miners

For Silver Miners 250 each ore and minimum 1k ores per week.

For Gold Miners 300 each ore and minimum 1k ores per week.

In the next weeks I look for coal, addy, myth and iron miners.

Miners contact me Royungh in game please.

yo am your man my name on it mbar9

i can mine you anything up to coal for 50gp per ore. :lol:

i have a lvl 46 minin lvl and a lvl 40 smithin i think i can help when i get on. my dad blocked it and if it rs2 then it ok. i need to be at a friend house to get on.
ps:rs2 is block and so is the whole site 4 me

1k gold and silver a week is pretty hard. If I tried and had the entire crafting guild, I could maybe get 1k silver in a little over a week and I have 68 mining. And for gold, that is like almost impossible unless you do absolutely nothing else.

r my stats on the screen and does any1 have a rune pickaxe

hi… i ahve 56 mining i am willing to mine you gold if you want id be happy to do it for you add whats_down if you want me to mine for you and ne1 else that wants minin done for them go to my subject thingy lol

I am your man. I can mine you gold and silver. My minning lv is 50. Add me and as me.
PS- my name is J 2 the d

Man… 1k per week… That’s quite a challenge… Just as IcedEarth15324 said… It would take the Crafting Guild, being the only one mining silver in the guild, and a hefty concentration on getting silver to get that much… Acutally, I mine at the edgeville mine and I’ve gotten like 250ish silver ores already but I don’t concentrate my all on just mining… Plus I’m an “on-and-off” player, which makes me unavailable at some times… your buying prices aren’t that bad… I might look into it, but for now, I’m trying to focus on getting my own crafting up to 40… BTW if you wanna know, my mining is 62.

Edit: 100th post XD… Not much of an achievement but oh well… I’m still happy…

im lvl 59 mining and i can get u 1k gold ore n less than a week

so, add me and giv me ur rs name and ill get the gold for u, i can get some silver too if u want me too.