Hiring (Hardworking) Workers, payin in full rune + kite

i need 11k eye of newts for each full set of rune + kite


1 must have 33k to start in order to buy the eyes
2 must get it to me within a week or so (dont do anything besides
collecting eyes)

i already have people working but none of them has gotten their eyes in yet. I need people who are sure they can finish the job quickly

plz post ur RSN if ur interested and an estimate of how long it will take

(the eyes can be collected at port scarim magic shop so basically its running back and forth to draynor bank)

MY RSN ID blo0o0opy (0=zeros)

Ill do it but how much money will I spend ?

Cause I know where the shop is and I can do it easy back and forth ok?

ok just give me ur rsn… like i said above u need 33k to start… the eyes are 3 each at the store

just out of curiosity, wat do u need 11000 eyes for, and also, i might be able to do it.

Hey blo0o0p, I’ll get the eyes of newts. My rs name is cbvicktory. I’m confident I can get them to you in a week. :smiley:

my rsn is 1slip knot1
so will u get full rune for all?

ill probably do it
rsn: casey dog0

ok added all except illidan and lutenist because i dont know rsn :slight_smile:

and yes i have enough full runes for all