hiring miners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am highering miners lvl 30 and higher. i will need u to mine me coal i will buy it all i am paying millions on coal so offer ur coal now!

im a great minner and plz pick me. i even have a addy pik. i am lvl49.
and my runescape user name is werd51 so you can ad me to ur friends list.

exactly how much are you paying?..im level 56 mining // 46 smithing & working with a rune picaxe…let me know


plz chooze me i asked first im really good

btw he said he’s hiring miners (plural) and how much are you paying per coal
pm me on rsr and if its enough i’ll mine for you

ill think about it, u can add me, ma rsn is 1colonel1

ive got lvl 57mining and 49 smithing