Hmgbking's Quest to 85 smithing! Gold Ore Wanted!

I know two other people are currently questing for high lvl smithing, but I also am currently on that same track. Coments in this thread are welcomed!

Due to competition I pay 370 gp EACH gold ore. Wont buy less than 100 at a time. I am only buying gold ore because I am getting about 56 smith exp each ore with goldsmith gauntlets (members only).

If you are f2p i think it helps if you can get into the crafting guild (many rocks). See pic below. Also bring your apron to get in =)

p2p i hear there is a good spot (like 10+ rocks) on brimhaven due west of the dock that goes from ardougne to brimhaven. See Pic below. It costs 30 gp to take boat from Ardougne. Also bring water and laws to make it go by faster.

Cash on hand: 5.1 million
Gold ore currently in bank: 1623

Starting Smithing lvl: 79
Starting Smithing exp: 1851007

Current Smithing lvl: 83
Current Smithing exp: 2680267

I’ll keep a lookout on people selling gold ores. Goodluck with everything!!!


Added some info on where to mine gold ores. Aslo, thanks ghost =D

a good place is the crafting guild near fally, not very close to a bank but im afraid thats as good as it gets there are 8 rocks if i remember right and there are only 2 in dwarvern mines

Thank you mizz. I put up some pics in my first post of the places mentioned.

Bump. Still need more miners.

1 of my best friends who might sell u gold ore i wil talkt to him l8r.
and how do u get those smith sigs that u have

Mizz got mine for me from

And, please talk to your friend, lol. I need ores badly.

bring up my post

Edit: I am 80 now. thanks to all who keep mining me ores

check out for details to order gold ores

dude double post alot man i can mine you some gold ores i got acces to cfrating guild

I bumped up dude because it was the next day AND my thread was on the second page.

I can get into the crafting guild, i can get you some gold ores, about 200 at a time.

Sounds good. I’ll add you

i might sell some after i get from 51 to 70 smithin :-&

ok my friend wil tell u gold ore for 225gp each.
and his rsn:ali1870
he got me like 150 the other day

I pay 300 each so ill try and get him while hes on

Anyone else selling?

have u talked to him becus he has been on

if ur p2p and have done Grand Tree u can go down through the trapdoor, go north, push the vines then go east and theres about 4-5 gold rocks there, closest to a bank