holdiday best ever

i have personally been to nevada calafornia florida washington new york egypt and a few other places. i found calafornia to be the best. although death valley was nice (Nevada) and florida. i loved six flags magic mountain. what i want to know is where is your dream destination. my guess is most peeps will say spain but i mght be wrong.

My dream destination would be the bahamas. I’ve always wanted to go there, too bad parents dont…

let me guess why. its a beach holiday? i get them to take me where ever i want on my last holiday as a family. i wil be going back to california or mabye go to hawiia

mine would have to be to hawaii

hehe i LIVE in florida, near the beach, nice hot sexy ladies =p Every part is tan, and theyre all nice!

My dream destination is FLORIDA, because it is the best, never too hot nor cold, but the women are too hot… haha.

same here… what part? im in coral springs

I’m probably the only one who visited Hawaii and didn’t like it… But to stay on topic… Maybe… Umm… Either Korea (South) and umm… I don’t know… Maybe the Bahamas… Though I really did enjoy Magic Mountain…

I used to live in Florida, Jacksonville but now I live in California, Compton but I think Florida is better, I also lived near a beach and there was alot of hot women pass by so I got my chair and sat beside the window and looked at them…well anyway Florida is the place to go to have a nice time.
California is okay too but i like Florida better.