Holocaust overrated? (Potential Debate)

Has anyone realized that more non-combatant slavs were killed by the Germans than the Jews? 12.6 million civilian slavs were killed as compared to the 6 million jews and yet in North America we barely talk about the Great Patriotic War in which the Soviet Union suffered over 23 million casualties.

Wow man. I’ve been waiting for someone to say something like that. Suprisingly no one ever talks about things bigger than that. Everyone and their mother talks about the Holocoust. I’m not saying that the Holocoust is un important I’m just saying give it a rest for about a few years. I mean not everyone talks about slavery. Well some do. But sometimes you need to let the past be the past.


Wow Maria. Don’t care about history, eh? “And I thought she wasn’t racist”… Actually, in my family, my dad was from the soviet union, and we do remember the 23 million people who died. And the 6 million Jews. No you shouldn’t give it a rest, because otherwise you’ll turn out to be an uneducated idiot who knows nothing about History.

^ It was a pivotal event in the history of the world, and shaped the globe as we know it today. It will never be forgotten, not for centuries to come…

So since celebrities gave millions of dollars to go towards tsunami relief I’m an ass for giving all of my money at the time? The holocaust is’t overrated, all genocide is underrated.
@marziapet:Just because you don’t care it doesn’t mean noone should.

Wtf? What does it say at the bottom? I put it in fricken bold letters. You know what if you don’t wanna read my post then don’t. I deleted it. Happy now? Lol. Now let me put what I really think.

Its sad that people never remember things that were important. I’m not saying the remember trivial things I’m saying that they don’t remember some stuff that was important. There are many wars (I’m sure of that) that no one remembers. Because people think they aren’t important. Sure everyone remembers the Holocoust but what about those times when more than that many people died. Even of a natural cause (i.e. Disease). What about the black plague. How many people in Europe died in that? If I went around and asked people about the holocoust everyone would know. If I asked about the black plague I bet less than half would answer.

Quite frankly if people don’t want to remember then don’t make them remember. Do you think I go up to people and try to make them remember what George Bush senior did to my relatives? No because theres no point. If you try to cram stuff in peoples heads their just going to reject everything that you try to put in there.

Um… Actually the majority of the people do remember. And what’s the point of saying “I am not saying this is not important”, when everything you just posted goes against that fact. And again, deleting all proof that you said that so I can’t own you?

Maria, you are a liar. Nearly everything you say on RSR is made up crap. You assume people wouldn’t know, but people don’t know who Stalin was. If you want to lower yourself to their level, FINE! But you have completely lowered yourself in my books.

What’s always puzzled me, is that Hitler was as the time, the perfect model of a Christain, and at the same time, not Christian.
Blowing up Jews heads into space, at the time, was considered good, yet theoretically, it’s like disobeying the Bible, which isn’t very Christian.

Lol. Ok watever. Thats nice that I’m lowered in your books. A lot of people don’t know who stalin was. Maybe adults do but I’m talking about America not Australia. If you want to say that people in Australia are smarter than people in America then go ahead and do that. If you went around and asked maybe middle schoolers most wouldn’t know who the hell he was unless they had an older sibling or a smart parent.

You never owned me and you never will. If you can’t be mature about a debate then don’t read or post in one. You need to learn to respect other peoples posts. I don’t care if I am a hypocrite or not but you need to learn some manners.

I don’t think its over rated but if this happened before and no one knows, then what does that say?

mariazepit, Why would he be mad? he just thinks your telling crap, and im starting to think that is true… here in europe everyone knows who stalin was, and that during rusian revolutiong many many mnay people got killed especially when stalin started with his ****ed up plans…

but this whole point doesn’t make the holocaust overrated…
it are things that may not and won’t be forgotten, and probably won’t happen again our regions (read as: europe, Us, Australia, etc) but all this things are still happening in africa and the middle east… and someday they will stop doing that to (at least i hope so) and they won’t forget what happend and hopefully they won’t do it again…

(moslim fundementalists are the only thing that is underrated)

Stalin actually killed more of his own side than the German forces did…

Not one step Backwards

People were killed for cowardice and disobedience.

And I can’t really see how you can say that the death of 6.something million Jews is overrated…

All I say is www.ihr.org or www.fpp.co.uk

No, I don`t think its over-rated. That is six million less Jews.

How do you overrate the deaths of around 20 million people in the Holocaust? You can’t. Ever. Be quiet b4 i pwn you off the map.


6 million didn’t die…

I said 6 million less jews, whom Hitler probably gave the most gory punishment.

But there was also gypsies, other religions, handicapped ppl, and others that stood int the way of a ‘master race’. You can’t ignore them, as well.

I know, but he wanted the Jews dead the most.

And? Just because he wanted the jews dead didn’t stop him from killin millions of other people.

12.5 million isnt overrated. Im not familiar with statistics but Im pretty sure 12.5 million i think is like emptying out the east coast.