Holy Crap! Look at this pixel!

I was looking through pixel sites and I found this on the front page of www.pixelfreak.com. It just completely blew me away. It’s based on one of M.C. Escher’s drawings.

EDIT: I was looking through it more, and I found a whole freakin’ city that he made, the image is to big to upload, here’s the link:

woa awesome!

Total ownage!

Might be better than Sturaiku? o_o

…OMFG… wow owsome pixles…

No offense to him but, I don’t doubt it. Also, I DIDN’T MAKE THESE! Just making sure everyone knows that.


Lots of people can make those, it’s called computer and game design ;.

But, it still owns.

But look at them! Look at all the little details. I know they can, but still, the doctor shecking the patients, the people in the pool, the chick teaching piano lessons, the school full of students, people in the buildings working, the other people shooting movies, it’s incredible!

wow i see the city now wow im amazed!

if you look closely theres an optical illusion

the pic of the waterfall you posted, its one of those illusions

that is crazy cool. youve got to have a lot of patience to do one of those.

Look at this link its an animated house that I found on the web: http://www.pixelfreak.com/v3/b2/ah.html Click on link and there will be a red arrrow, click it.

ummm guthix thats kind of on the same site. did you really find that yourself or did you use the link that killyou gave and just look around that website and find that and then post it? im just saying…

omg!!!thats like 100% good pixles!!!

i found waldo lol

Yeah that dam waterfall picture made my eyes hurt xD

It owns so much.

Many Graphics artists can make things like that, heck if Jolio takes his job he will be able too in a few years :shy:

OMG Thats awesome!

I think I saw someting like that on a E.V. test (a school subject)… we were supposed to write what we think of that and try to draw something similar… it was by… let’s see if i can remember the name of the artist… Escher! that’s it…