Holy mother of cold

i woke up this morning and it was 10 below zero (Far.) and its not supposed to get above 30 until monday

We had the same weather in Michigan yesterday.Today it’s supposed to get up to 35. Looks like we got a real scorcher here. Not.

how many degrees are that?

A lot.

i live in michigan be get tons of snow

lol,here it’s 17 degrees 8)

its like 10 here

It’s like 20 degrees at night this week here… Sure it may not sound that low but I am currently in Macon, GA… A bit more south than Augusta… Believe me… It’s not really supposed to be that cold here… But then again, a cold front just came in just about a few days ago as my friend at Auburn is feeling the same thing at the moment…

I live in Michigan too! It was freezing yesterday!

We just got 6 inches of snow in one night, but we’ve had worse. God, I swear, Michigan is like an experiment in weather control gone wrong. I think the government actually has a weather control device, but they don’t know how to use it, so they’re testing it over Michigan. That’s my idea.

Yeah, sure Michigan gets cold a lot but hey, you guys kinda are used to it to a certain point unlike us Southerners who rarely see snow… And taking the cold thats supposed to come with that snow doesn’t get any better here… It already sucks that we get that kind of temperature and it sucks even more than we don’t get snow along with it… Oh well…

i live in florida… boy is it freezing… a whopping 70+… brr! not.

i live in CA, and it’s not really that cold here…

Ouch, 10 below zero… :x It only gets down to the 20’s in Georgia ya’ll. 8)

I live in minnesota, And holy crap! it is cold here.

Its pretty cold in Michigan…it was -2 this morning

i had a hot day to day i live in kansas for 2 weeks we had ice it got bad… just be lucky its the cold… it will be another week before they get all the tree limbs up :slight_smile:

Ouch, 10 below zero… It only gets down to the 20’s in Georgia ya’ll.

Only?! 20 is pretty low for Georgia unless you live in north Georgia by the mountains… Unlike for me who is currently residing in Macon…