Holy White Council of Runescape Recruitment Thread

Welcome the website it [URL=http://www.freewebs.com.theholycrusade

Holy White Council of Runescape

We are a old clan that is very powerful and very fun

We host drop parties every week
we have raids every day and we have been in a lot of wars.

Our requiremnts are 60+ combat

for mage
for range 50+

We are formed under the rule of Saradomin

we have right now 37 powerful members

our highest person is lvl 115

We have a meeting once every week on Fridays in The Mansion in Falador
you must attend if you cant e-mail the clan or tell the leaders or me. The two leaders are Dark Blade70 and HolyBlade24

the meeting times are

Eastern coast time 9 pm

Central Time 8 pm

western coast 7 pm

We recomend this clan for people who live in the United States.
it may be too much of a hassle for people living in Uk