Hooray! New sig!

Well…I made a new sig, with an inspiration from sou1ess…
It’s Bob, the pwnage cat!
Rate it X/10…:smiley:

can u make me a sig?

i rate it 8/10 (i wish bob came into f2p worlds)

Bob my numbero 4 favorite cat in my list! (I have 3 cats of my own that’s why)

Nice, really good sig… most people in RSR like bob the cat… :wink:

omg omg crunkmonkey make me 1!!! paawaseeee… i got the cat pic u used! lol :smiley:

Lol…I don’t know.
I was going to start my own shop, but it wouldn’t compare to Wacko and SirJacob’s…

I like it, good job

6/10 pretty good buit basic sig

Your “take a picture, then put your name on it” sig is so much better than mine…

Basic?! He animated it mate! Have you gone looney up in the ol’ noggin?! Hehe thought I’d try a new accent out :P… But the Bob signature is not only great, but hilarious! Lol purple aint my favorite though… 9/10!


lol Crunkmonkey ur a Graphix pro. start a Bob the Cat shop! lol that sigs great…9/10.

Ummmmm…I made the signature for him…

Good signature mate! 10/10

BTW, I really did make his signature.

u did? i thought crunk made that

Gulp…guilt trip.

Its okay, crunk. I’d give a 7/10 Borders ‘satin effect’ effect doesn’t look great, the main text could have been in a better place aswell, as for the animation, you could have made it seem like the text is turning into the next text, if ya get me. I liek the pruply schem and the render. so 7/10!

That’s a C minus…

Yea cept Crunk u might wanna tone down your Text sigs…u could get banned :0

Lol…I scrunched all the text together, hopefully it’s 700 x 200.

im to lazy to make an account on runescapepalace so… can i just have a free sig and u show me pics and tell me code… please? u can make the back round anyway u want but in 1 the top corner say Noobs Ranger and in the opposite side bottom corner say My Idol, Bob