You guys think i can take on the hellhounds?
with full inventory cake??? combat 64 Update* combat 65*

maybe wut lvl r hell hounds

They are almost twice your lvl. I don’t think you will be able to do it.

maybe he can take with better food

Get some sharks and I wish you best of luck.

Full inventory of cake, are you sure, each slice heals 4 and times by 27=108 health given. :x i really need to know.

You might be able to take one, but maybe not more than one. If you’re looking for a good drop, killing only one may not be worth the food.

A slice of cake does not heal 27 hp lol! Maybe the whole cake does but not a single slice.

Maybe he means 27 total cakes.

wat r hounds they seem hard by the name

They are hell hounds, lvl 122 monsters that are just giant…dogs lol
They drop lvl 3 clue scrolls quite often and are great for training mage or range.

dude a whole cake heals like 8 or 9 lol

dam!!! depends on ur like str and def…ummm…wat r clue scrolls?

U might be able to take one on if u had lobs or something something better than cake. Yo can anyone tell me where hell hounds are? plz? IM BEGGING U GUYS TO TELL ME

taverly dungeon before black drags, no i dont think u will b able to take 1 with cakes, they hit 12 pretty often on low def :wink: u wont b able to eat fast enuf

my defense is 2 levels under my attack, and my attack is one level above my strength. Most people dont have strengths that close, and also I am level 66 now :smiley:

I would say it’s much too hard with melee, try using ranged on hells…it works well, and you rarely lose hp (only when retrieving arrows)