House of Lords moved to Off-Topic

This is one of the few topics in the Private House of Lords board, and I thought I might want to ask the “Working Class” before we ask Duke.

So, what does everyone think? House of Lords does have NOTHING to do with RS afterall.

Yes, but the news and suggestions are in the RuneScape category. Duke always has a reason for his doings, and since HoL was originally in the RuneScape place, and is for honored members, it has it’s honored place, right up there. When people think of House of Lords, they think of people that have been loyal to a RuneScape site.

My opinion.

yeah, i think it should be moved to the off-topic section. i dont think it should have a special section like off-topic has, i think it should be in one of the existing section.

We are already discussing this. There’s been lots of threads like this. Stop posting now, please :yummy:.

Alias… theres… 3, maximum.

This one is for the normal members, so they can post there own ideas on the matter. I mean, because HoL has theres, and the Mods have theres.

I’m pretty sure he said he doesn’t want to overwhelm people with updates all at once.

As Alias said, the staff is discussing this and it will probably happen sometime soon.

ari want to know why it wont happen?
because HOL and mod’s sence of power and supremety will vanish because we could also post!

yeah, but they dont necesarily (sp) listen/read this thread…

Maybe you should read and understand the post first before taking a shot at the GR staff and HoL because your soar you haven’t got in. :wink:

andy don’t make this into an argument because im trying not to get banned ok?
i just feel the HOL section gives them a feeling of superiority (sp?) and without it they’s feel like HOL is worth nothing special

i wanted to be in HOL because of the golden crown… but niow i dont really care about that…

We wouldn’t lose anything…

Already being discussed…