house of lords

the house of lords is really starting to annoy me now, i keep seeing topics on the home page which interest me.
I then read the starting topic, all the replies get myself fired up to put in my 2 cents only to realise i cant because i need special privalages or w/e

Then don’t read them. The HOL is a great way for members to have a conversation without spammers or people being stupid interrupting them.

But to get in their u have to prove urself worthy. At the moment, i don’t think u have made enough posts for duke to judge u.

i wish they would accept more house of lords membas

If you want access, then follow forum rules, be polite, don’t curse, and contribute to RSR.

Then don’t read them

well you see thats the point, i dont realise iam reading them untill i get that requirements message.
That’s what annoys me

In what ways can i contribute to RSR?

their always excepting new members

Well, to be accepted, you need to be nominated. Also, one way to start contributing to RSR is not spamming, which includes NOT DOUBLE POSTING which you just did king__joe. You can follow forum rules, be polite, and help others.

it sed they r not aaccepting any new membas at this time somwhere i can’t remember

ya i know about that but i asked duke and he said that it was always open

double posting 8O
i was enquiring into a previous comment which you had made, my second post was completely irrelevant to my first

o i do all that!!!

The point is, to get in, you have to be nominated and then Duke will decide if you get access or not.

it dosent matter you can still add something like a ps or BTW

if u have to do that then u edit ur first post. :smiley:

somtimes 4 some reson it doesn’t let u

Important: Do not ask someone to nominate you, that is against forum rules.

I know you all want to get a chance at being HoL, so here is a tip for everyone.

Do no, I repeat, DO NOT piss of the mods or get into a flame war with them. Doing one of those will pretty much cut off nominations from them or votes.

nothing much is discussed in the house of lords it doesn’t make much sense