House of Lords

Hey Duke. I have been a member of this site 8 days and I am already an elite member. Could u make me in the house of lords but next Tuesday, lolz. I wud like to apply for mod as well as submit my hazeel cult guide I made for runehq as GIJEW89 as well as add the updates I found. Cya then.

The name of your rank has nothing to do with your activity, it is directly relative to the number of posts you have, a spammer could do 100 posts adn have your same rank

Rank means nothing. Also, the amount of days you are on means nothing. THere are people that have been on here for months and aren’t in HoL. It all depends on how you are. Also, asking to be in them pretty much guarantess you won’t be made one.

Yeah… I only joined 6 days before you did… I’m already a Senior RSR member… But you don’t see me asking to be in the House of Lords… Sorry if I sound mean… Just saying that you shouldn’t really be askin Duke about this kind of stuff… Specially askin to be a mod… You shouldn’t really do that… Duke doesn’t like that… And you don’t want to see Duke when he’s mad… Duke is scary when he is mad…

y’all are wrong there is a better chance of becoming on asking then not asking at all

because now he has another guy in mind so he has a chance of becoming one

and remember it never hurt to ask questions (unless rude)

Uhh… Actually, if you’ve ever read the “Applying to be a mod” page then you would clearly see that Duke says never to post topics on the forums asking to be a mod… The only thing you should do is PM Duke and tell him that you feel like your open for one of the positions and thank him for reading the message… As for being named a mod or being considered a mod, that’s a different story… BTW, correct me if I’m wrong on any of the things I said…

You are saying we are wrong? I am a mod buddy, I know what the rules are. If you ask to be one, you will NEVER become one. If you ask to be in HoL, you will NEVER become one. Asking these kind of questions will hurt you.

You are saying we are wrong? I am a mod buddy, I know what the rules are. If you ask to be one, you will NEVER become one. If you ask to be in HoL, you will NEVER become one. Asking these kind of questions will hurt you.

You gotta listen to that… He is a mod and he has a lot of power on the forums… I don’t want you to get banned or warned so I think it would be best to listen to him…

Hey IcedEarth how did u become a mod?

SamRI72, imagine if everyone asked like you have…there are a LOT of people more deserving than you are…why not just be a member of the site and give in your guide anyway, i would imagine that one of the mods would be more than happy to read through ur guide and consider it… i think you have gathered that asking this stuff is the worst thing you can do, especially when IcedEarth15324 notices it 8O rofl.

LOL, ya, he always has his way with words.

House of Lords is a privelege. I bet by the chance equal to the sky falling that you get in, after 3 minutes you will think “Wow, House of Lords…snores”. It is pretty nice, but not the thrill of winning the lotto nice. As for being a Moderator, many people ask but they will most likely pull out when they realise the responsibility. For all those people who ask, ask yourselves this:

“Why DO you want to be a Moderator?”

Think about it…and then you will realise there is most likely no reason for you to want to, but abuse your powers and mess around.

lol u got told
sickmate 8)

Of course you want to apply to be a mod. Everyone wants to be a mod, and asking doesn’ts make you one. Just because you want to be one doesn’t mean you will become one. It slims your chances down to almost 0.

hey, whyd u post a topic, why not send duke a pm?
sickmate 8)

Lol I know. But hey at least I am bold enough to ask. I mainly get posts from the help forum bcuz so many ppl need it. I just find it funny how there is a whole part of this forum I can’t use but shudnt really care because noone there posts nething kewl neway. I really never expect to get in to either modship or house of lords but hey it is worth a try. There is no harm in trying. Duke has a PM. Awesome. What is it? Lol just Duke or Dukeoftherealm?

Either way, if you sent a pm to Duke or if you made a topic as you have so unwisely done, you will not be a mod or get into HOL. Not only can you not be a mod because you asked to be one and that is against the rules. Now how you can be a mod if you don’t even know the forum rules?! Also, you have only been here for 8 days. Your post count isn’t that high and neither is your rank, so I wouldn’t be bragging about it if I were you. Also, you are practically demanding that Duke make you a member of HOL. “Could u make me in the house of lords but next Tuesday, lolz”. You can no power over what choice Duke makes, and with your attitude, you will not be getting into HOL or be a mod.

Hey dude I seriously if they dont want my help gr8 more time 4 me. But asking couldnt hurt seriously m8. You people are so high-strung about a game. You all scowl at me with the mentality of “how dare you ask” My motto is “always ask questions” If you don’t, you will never know. Curiosity killed the cat, but before that I was the suspect. I am just having a good time and setting my limits. Sorry to offend u infiltrator. It is good to c u back.

I know this is a little off-topic to this topic but would Duke get offended if he asked me to be mod and I declined? I’m just askin… Of course there is no way that Duke will ever ask me to be mod… But I’m just asking if Duke gets angry when people he asks declines to be a mod…

i dont think he would
but i dont think any1 has ever declined yet
sickmate 8)