How Come Free Players Can't Use The Maul And The Little Whip Thing?

I’m Really Upset That The Free Players Can’t Use None Of The Strong Weapons We Are In A Huge Disadvantage To The Members Already, Why Does Jagex Got To Do It Like This?

becus theyre slayer items and slayers members only

Also do u post all ur replys with every first letter of a word capitalized? just wonderin.

lol you have the same typing problem i used to have xD making the first letter of every word capital, yourll get over it eventually =D

As for your answer - Free players only give enough money to pay for the servers via their ads, where as members pay $5 a month wo pay for the jagex staff who develop new things, that is why members get extra stuff, because their paying the developers to make them new stuff!

Yep that is why. We as members pay in order to have more options in the game. If all updates where for f2p aswell then people would stop paying for the game and the game would not progress. Now you dont want that to happen do you??!?!?! Also if you want those weapons sooo badly just pay the $5 every month. An if you cant afford that then just beg for it on the streets or have a false pledge drive :smiley: (i’m evil i know).

Hmm, a false pleadge drive. “I’m selling cookie dough to raise money for my school so we can buy new playground equipment. Would you like to buy some?” That’s a good idea. Be right back, I need my mom to go buy us some cokie dough lol. Jk, but that would be pretty funny.

here’s a short answer…WE, MEMBERS, P-A-Y…if you want one, become a member

you’ll get used to it eventually…but if u really want it bad…become a member…

OK people, dont flame this guy, for one he is new, and on top of that it was an honest to goodness question, hes just curious, if you dont have something good to say dont say anything at all, anyways i think we answered his question

its bcuz members actually PAY to play, that y we get all the good stuff :smiley:

f2p deserve to be at an advantage, members pay for the game and jagex still gives f2p updates, so members pay for them, consider yourself luck jagex let you play runescape anymore

Ive said it before and ill say it again…
You dont put anything into the game… Why should you get anything in return?

Because There Members Only

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