how diverse is rsr?

here: post all information about yourself, if u dont even wanna share ur name, dont kk: itll be fun

Name: Rob
Race: unfortunatley white, lol
Where i live: NYC
Nick name ( by parents ) : Robsta
Favorite place: my grandpa’s beach house, and cyberspace
Animals: A horse: Squiggy, A dog: Hooray, 3 cats: llyod, url and emily

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Name: Ben
Race: White :stuck_out_tongue:
Live: Washington
Nickname: Terminator, because I am know ways to cause pain :stuck_out_tongue: and I’m an all A+ Honors student :stuck_out_tongue:
Animals: Sister :stuck_out_tongue:

lol i like ur animals, cool, thanks for ur post

Name: Brad
Race: Well my mommy’s black and my daddy’s white… So I’m… Uhh both!
Live: Sharon, MA (suburb of Boston)
Nickname: Bullet (I’m fast) and Fro (well I got a fro… Sometimes… Usually cornrows lol)
Favorite Place: Either my house or the basketball court lol :smiley:
Animals: Well there’s always this deer in my backyard… I named it Joey 0=)

P.S: My brother’s name is Ben lol


Name: Edward
Race: White
Where i live: Ohio
Nick name ( by parents ) : Eddy
Favorite place: Romania, the country of my heritage.
Animals: My little brother, Chris

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Name: Andrew
Race: White
Where I live: Michigan (the government is testing a weather machine here, I swear!)
Nickname: Rolly
Favorite Place: Greece, Italy, and Arizona
Animals: 1 sweet as heck dog. ADD, but he’s still fun

Name: john
Race: asian (woohoo i think im the first asian dude to post on this topic…lol)
Live: new jersey( woo hoo also the first one to post from nj…lol)
Nickname: johny…jj…noto(i still dont get how i got this nickname…)
Animals: none that i know of…
Favorite place: philippines…and the beach…or the beach in philippines…

Name: Tyler
Race: white/black
Where I live: Bloomington, minnesota.
Nickname: kyke master
Favorite place: home.

Name: Randy
Race: White/Hispanic
Where I live: Florida
Nickname: Big Ran
animals: a dog
fav. place: not really sure

Name: Antony
Race: Puerto Rican ( Hispanic ) *
Location: Vriginia Beach, VA
Nickname: Owl **
Animals: 2 Australian Shepard/ Shih Tzu Mix
Favorite Location: Mid-Western USA ***

  • Half black Puerto Rican Decendants of Native Americans and africa, Half white Puertorican Decendant of Spanards and Native Americans
    ** Friends gave it - Im an Insomniac (nocternal), Wise, Patient, however, get on my bad side and ill hunt you down, eat you whole, and spit out your remains
    *** Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico

I like the name URL lol.

Name: Xi Jin or 金喜
Race: Asian (Chinese)
Where i live: Ilkley, W Yorks, UK
Nick name : Lonners (“Lon” means dragon in Mandarin and no-one can pronounce my real name lol)
Favorite place: my bed
Animals: none

Name: Toby
Race: White
Where i live: South Caulfield, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Nick name (By friends) : Tobz or Tobza or Tobaa or Ribena or Tobiena and much more lol!
Favorite place: The Gold coast!!
Animals: None :frowning:

Name: Patrick
Race: white
Where I live: Melbourne like 5 mins away from arcdemons1 lol
Nickname: Pat
Favourite place: not sure, my house i guess
Animals: 1 dog, couple of fishies

where i live:chicago IL
nickname:dont have one
fav. place:the beach
animals:dont have one

name: chris
race: white
nike name: killjoy; why i dont know
where i live: milwaukee um…
animals: a dog

Name: Parris
Race: Honkie :stuck_out_tongue:
Where i live: London, England
Nick name : My dad called me “PJ” - Parris James.
Favorite place: No place like home.
Animals: Used to have 2 hampsters, both died of wet tail. Currently have 3 fish, Herby, Derby and Thunderball.

~ ewok

where i live:newcastle,england
Nickname:Frenchy(Mates call me tht)
Favourite Place:School(Where my freinds r),home and rsrealm
animals:dog jess and 17 fish

^^ Lmao, my friends nick name is frenchy.