how do i make buddys and what are buddy kits????? please!!!!

i hav heard about buddies those little peeps wearing armor under ur name
and i hav heard of a buddy kit were u costomise the buddy can sum1 give me a link of how 2 make buddys please

i asked some1 2 make me a buddy and got a code but i cant put it as my avitar

i have seen a link to teh buddy kit… i forgot where it was… sorry

Im amazed anyone could type such awful English. Anyway, check the important thread; the first thread of the screenshot forum. These posts need to really stop, thats why a moderator made an important post, so you people wont have to ask these questions.

yea man just go to the first post. from the mod.

i make you dudes a buddy jus tell me what i got and i giv to you as a pic

i want
addy pl8 and legs
wizard hat (black)
rune long
guthix book
ty 4 ur time bye
can some1 give me a link 4 a buddy maker aswell

can someone make me a budy i’m new here to?

i want one with:
zamorack staff
full zammy robes
and zammy book
pl can u make me one