How do I signup for the RSR Newsletter?

I was wondering how I could sign up for the RSR Newsletter… on my member’s page, it says I’m not… and well… I’d like to be… How do I go about doing that?


Click on “your account”, then “your info” then scroll down and theres an option that says receive newsletter by email then press yes then press submit down the bottom of the page.

on the info bout urself, this should now be locked

also cyclops how did u get the thing below your text i can’t do it =-(

I jsut did that, but will it send me the January newspaper\letter? or is it soo late,if so can somone please email me the Jan eddition of the newspaper\letter.

Is the newspaper the newsletter? Because I haven’t got an issue of either.

i don’t think so i think its new archive

The Newspaper will be out on Jan 14.

Thank you all for your help! I figured it out… Much Appriciated!!!


PS: This post can be locked now; I go the info i needed. :lol:

i will get it locked

Stop spamming or your getting another warning.