how do i?

i have a laptop with no internet and only a floppy drive and i want to get games from my computer and put them on it my computer is xp and my laptop is windows 95 help me!

I would suggest buying an external CD drive with a USB connection.

Yes, U can buy external CD drives quite cheapish at the moment.

If they are networked you should be able to play them on each computer as long as the disc is in 1 of the computers and file sharing is on.

P.S Most new games will not work on a windows 95.

Or, you could buy a MASSIVE amount of floppy disks and to get a 700 MB game through floppy disks would take… about 487 floppy disks. Buying that many floppy disks would cost (At the cheapest) around $146.1 (USD) and would take A LONG TIME! HA HA HA! Or zip disks are good. THey are like 1000 times bigger then floppy disks and are the same(-ish) and you woiuld need an external zip drive. But, as handmedown and Hockeyav said, buy an external cd drive (And MAYBE cd-rw’s). Or get a network set up. HA HA HA!

Wow I doubt they want to do that… lol… your best bet would be to get an external cd drive, like someone else mentioned… or do what I do… use lots and lots of floppy disks… ehh no just kidding ;)… seriously, try investing in a ZipIt! Media drive (apx. $100). They can store tons, and I mean TONS of data. checkout your favorrite computer outfitter’s site to think about purchasing the drives… otherwise your drifting down a creek without a paddle… or however the saying goes… lol…

Hope this helps :wink: