how do u get the small bar sigs?

answer how. oh and if they are free how do u get them. if they cost money(gp) who makes them.

They’re on
Somewhere… maybe do a search in the forums.

r they free? r u allowed to copy them from ppl on rsr?

Is that your own made sig/banner fufka19?

nope. and that’s pretty off topic

oh sorry…i just think it was cool and wanna pay about 53k+ for something like that…sorry again

Yeah. They’re free.

yea none of Rsbandbs sigs cost cash

can we copy them from the ppl who already have them on rsr? and there are a couple that i want like ranger for life and zamorak

Go ahead and copy my Ranger for Life sig…

ty and if anyone has a zamorak sig plz post it here.

Look at the bottom of my sig their is an advertisement for a bunch of barsigs i don’t think the zamorack one is in it though
edit: nevermind it doesn’t work just go to then to the forums then click search and in the keywords section search for barsigs

yay ty everyone especially q7dive!

um how do u put the sig on

yay i did it

o i didn t

yay it works at last

lmao at last

Jakircher you shouldn’t double post so much, or in this case, quadruple post… Lol barsigs are pretty cool, but I myself like regualr sigs better :slight_smile:


Get them from runehq, they are alot better, and thay can say combat 70+ and stuff like that.