how do u trim armor?

how do u trim armor?!? is it fake or reall? if it is… how do u do it!!! plz help

All I know and All I gotta is ::

“Do not fall for those, Free armor trimming it is a scam that gets a lot of people”

i can trim armour for free… hehehehehe

DONT FALL FOR IT~! its a scam when ppl say it

and u or some1 u know has report the person who said free armor trimming

yea shouldent fall 4 it 1 time i went to the non members and a saw a freakin lvl 3 saying that. lol… what a noob i got him all pissed by saying to people it was a scam. (BTW u get (t) or (g) armor from clue scrolls (( members only)))

Think that makes you mad,i have a black(g) helm i always where and everyone says i will trim it a differnt color.Noobs then i wack them with my chicken. :slight_smile:

I asked jagex that and they said that you can not do it, it is a scam that people do the only way to get them is to buy from people or do treasure trails

its a scam for 1 thing, and second… this is in the wrong forum. i doubt this goes in a “how to guide” SCREENSHOTS forum.

armour trimming is a scam dont fall for it

“free armour trimming! NO SCAM”(i gave him full steel that i got from pking and he shut up) i saw someone saying that just today! Sad noobs…well yes arromour trimming is a scam mbers get it from clue scrolls.

U can’t trim armor you get them as rewards from treasur trails

Even though it says the same thing 10 times on this topic.Do NOT fall for that scam. You can only get trimmed armor from treasure trails. And just to let you know, you put this in the wrong topic. Try off-topic next time. Be sure to do that. :smiley:

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