How do you beat a mage/wizard?

What’s the best way to beat a magic user? What armour/clothes do you wear, what amulets or weapons should you use, what potions or foods should you bring? If anyone can answer please do.

Best clothes to wear would be dragon hide becuase it gives a magic def boost.

If I remember correctly, a ranger is most effective against a mage according to the triangle thing they made… Just get your best ranging armor on with the best bow and arrows you have… Bring the best food you can and maybe some ranging potions/strength potions… I wouldn’t really know since I’m not a member but those are my advice…

personally, i think the triangle is stupid.
if a mage has 40 magic, and ur 40 cobat, its an even fight.
anyway, DONT wear normal armour. leather stuff is pretty good.
when u can, use prayer, preferably protection from magic.
any weapon can be used, and have a strength ammy with u.
sickmate 8)

Yeah… The protection from magic prayer would help drastically here… Heh, totally forgot to include the protection from magic,melee,range…

Thanx yall!