How do you become a moderator or gain ranking?

Please tell me!!!

You mean like a rank like I have with the crowns? Those come from getting lots of posts, the one I have you get after 150 posts. If you mean like a Moderator look at the left-hand-side section of runescaperealm’s homepage and click on staff button for info. Unfortunately they look at how well you know the site, so they might not let a guy with 2 or 3 posts join, They might not even let a guy with 160 posts in!

yah, if u want to know all the ranks then click on ranks on the top left hand section.

You become a moderator by showing all the qualities that would make a good mod. Show good grammar, good knowledge of the rules.

and u also don’t pester other mods or duke about wanting to b a mod. Then your chances r practically 0. Just be a urself and try and helpout!

Yeah, being a mod would probably be a lot of work and responsibility and such… Man, it seems so hard that I probably would decline Duke’s offer if he practically asked me to be a mod… Not that he ever would… I mean come on… Who would want me, a lazy bum, as a noble, high-ranking mod… But good luck getting to that position… And good luck staying with it if you get the position…

Hopefully those guys cleared it up for you. I will go ahead and lock it, then.