how do you make a pking vid?

i dont know if ths is right forum but i need to know lol.

Use Camtasia Studio 2. Moved to Help.

Use camstiasia to record it[Lags u down a bit],Host it on putfill.


Even cheaper that camtasia, use HyperCam2… 42.99

That’s what RH uses to record Video Guides.

use camastudio

:slight_smile: I think hypercam is better. Use hypercam

is hypercam free

Yes, but it comes up with “HyperCam” in the left hand corner i think. If you register and pay for it, that dosen’t come up in the corner.

is camastudio free

ROFL, personally I have both, I NEVER use Hyper Cam 2, I always use Camtasia Studios 3 cause it’s the best screen capture software on the market. It’s $300 but worth it.

…Anyone know the Links to the site that host these?

You can download the free trial of Camtasia from this link.

You can download a free version of Hypercam as well although it’s kind of laggy and there is a sign in the upper left hand corner…Just google “Hypercam” and look for the link. Then download it…