How do you make snelms?

I’ve checked the crafting guide on RSR and RuneHQ but can’t find a guide for making snelms. Help please?

Kill a snail and get the shell. Use a chisel on the shell(lvl 15 crafting required).

Making a snelm is p2p only. you also must have done the quest preist in pearl.

so the differenr snails the different color i asume?

well everyone toldd u

u kill a sane, there r differant snails, and u use a chisel on there shell

Please don’t make me start handing out official warnings for repeating the same thing. You are the 2nd person today.

hew r u talking to

I was talking to skeepslayer at that time, but you were the first to do it today.

What’s a snelm?

a sotr of helmet hat thing

kill a snail and use a chisle on it lvvl 15 craftign required

So it’s armor? Like a helmet?

but where do u find the snails?