How do you make this?

how did the person who made this sig make the background?!

they made it with brushing in photoshop. takes alot of talent and practice. that guy is really good at it (argh forgot who he is though)

You need certain burshes and you need to have a lot of talent to do something like that.

K thanks Nos.

Lol Nos, i think it was Fabian :slight_smile:

Do you know how Alias?

I got an idea… Not sure i wanna spoil his secret lol :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t. Don’t spoil it. I want to know but I don’t want you to tell me. LOL.

It doesn’t matter to me, spoil the secret.
P.S. My photoshop trial ran out and I didn’t back up my brushes! So I now have no brushes but the defalt ones on gimp ;(