How do you screen shot like that?

When you pk stuff and write stuff on the thing of what you pked how do you do that?

Like this?

Look on the how-to-do guide. It shows there.


he ment to write on da picture, and i dont kno how too, i wanan kno too :smiley:
like go legecy does it with hits smite kills :smiley:

It’s so easy.

Step One: Press Prt Scrn button next to F12S
Step Two: Open Microsoft Paint and go to Edit>Paste
Step Three: Hit the Text tool and look unders the tools there is a blue cylinder, a red sphere, and green cube. Select the one below where it shows and dotted line with no white background.
Step Four: Click and drag where you want to writting
Step Five: Type
Step Six: Save

how do u type in the box

press the buttons on the keyboard

lol. i ment to how to type IN the box whenever i type does’nt go in