how do you take screenshots?

How do you take screenshots?

On the top of this page go to “FAQ” which stands for frequently answered questions!
Then click on how do i make screenshots and follow the steps!

Hope to see you using screenshots soon…

thank you =)

when your playing hit Print Screen SysRq and paste it into paint…

K0shi Rikd0, you left out a few steps that are important! Just check the “FAQ” top of the page!

lol well print screening and paint is what i do

lol dont you use imageshack tohost your image?

lol he said take screenies…not post them, lets not get into details

How To Take and Post a Screenshot
By: Dedmenwalkn

Step 1. Get what you want your picture to show on your screen, then press the “prt scr” (print screen abbreviation may vary but the button is to the right of the “f-12” key most of the time).

Step 2. Open some form of “Microsoft Paint” (i do not know the other brand names of it)

Step 3. Go to “Edit” then under that “paste”

Step 4. You may now modify the picture using any of the tools on the toolbar to the left of the screen.

Step 5. When you have your picture how you desire it, Click on the dotted rectangular box (select) or the dotted star (free form select), then outline whatever your picture is and go to “Edit” and under that, “Copy”

Step 6. Open another window of Microsoft Paint

Step 7. Go to “Image” and under that “Attributes”, there should be 2 numbers here that are the “Width” and the “Height”

Step 8. Make the numbers for “Width” and “Height” very small numbers (1 for example).

Step 9. Go to “Edit” then under that “Paste”

Step 10. Now you have your finished product, Go to “File” then under that “Save As”, save it wherever on your hardrive you want, but be sure you save it as a “JPEG” file, and your next question will no doubt be, “How do I get the picture on this website?”

Step 11. Open an internet browsing window, go to “” and search “free image hoster” you should now have a huge list of image hosters before you, pick any one you like, I myself use “Photobucket”

Step 12. On this page somewhere there should be a button that says “Browse”, click this and go to the file you saved your picture in.

Step 13. After you have selected this file, click on the button that says “Host” or some variation of that, if you have done everything right, you should have a list of seemingly meaningless numbers and letters.

Step 14. Click on the beginning of the one that starts with “[img]” and drag to the end of it so that it is highlighted.

Step 15. Hold down the “Ctrl” burron below shift on either side of the keyboard and press the “C” Key.

Step 16. Log Onto Runescape Realm and post a new topic in this forum, name it whatever you like.

Step 17. Go into the place where the body of your paragraph should be, and click so the line that shows you where you are typing appears.

Step 18. Hold down the “Ctrl” button again and press the “V” Key.

Step 19. Type under the picture, “Made with the help of Dedmenwalkn” to credit me and to show I actually did some good lol.

Step 20. Go to the bottom of the screen and press “Submit”, congrats everyone can now see your picture.

(Optional) Step 21. If you wish to make this picture your signature, go to “Your Account” on the hotlinks section on the side of the page under “Navigation”

(Optional) Step 22. Go to the “Your Info” button towards the left hand side of the page and click it.

(Optional) Step 23. Scroll down on this page until you get to a open space that is to the right of a block that says “Signature (Optional)” and click in this open space.

(Optional) Step 24. Hold down the “Ctrl” button and press the “V” key

(Optional) Step 25. For people to see your signature now when you post, after you have typed what you want for a subject, above the “Submit” button there is a white box that you can check that is to the left of something that says “Attach signature (signatures can be changed in profile)”, then submit the post and your picture is attached to whatever you just posted.

Please dont forget Step 19, i like to see that i helped someone Very Happy [/img]

Please give Ded the credit for this. Not me, Ded.