how good is being a member

do you know the experience of a member

members is really good. you have a lot money making options and more combat, mage and range options. i think it is worth it.

Members is really good. You get mini-games, tons of new weapons, more options for each skill, 5 (soon to be 6) new skills, and 3 times the map space.

members is awsome. you get to do alot more then the freebie version.
unfortionally my mom didn’t see it that way, and she canceled my membership. now i am stuck on the freebie version.

ive been a member since lvl 15…i cant imagine being F2P …sounds horrible lol.

members worlds are great lots and lots of things to do more than what 30 qp and easier to rise most stats+5-6 new stats to rasie

Put it this way, I would quit if I wasn’t member no more.
Put it this way, I regret greatfully not getting member before I was like level 70.

i really enjoyed members…as f2p it sucks cuz it takes so frickin long 2 train combat since most monsters dont give much xp but on p2p u get monsters with high xp while training